Who we are

We are a DeepTech Venture Capital Firm focusing on startups that will fundamentally transform industries and economies through a strong scientific and research foundation. As a fund, we are firmly rooted in the DeepTech ecosystem to identify, invest, and strategically grow our portfolio companies through our strong domain expertise, fast-growing track record and extensive network.

Why we start

Addressing larger problems will require technological disruption. We strive to solve the world's most critical societal and environmental challenges through disruptive innovation. Disruptive innovation necessitates a shift in customer usage, business model, and demonstrated performance. We aim to meaningfully influence this transition towards sustainability.

How we think

Sustainable solutions are complex, interdisciplinary and require deep technical and market research. Capturing this value early enables us to strategically impact long-term outcomes. We believe that investing in these technologies in select sectors can make a real impact while generating high-risk-adjusted returns.